Comments from Petition Signers (as of July 22, 2019, to be updated)

E.B., VH

The proposed building is simply too large and too high. Unnecessarily big – especially when compared to the MV ticket office which services the exact same number of customers. Woods Hole is a quaint town and we have tried as a community to hold to the small village feel for decades. Water views are spectacular in our little town. This new structure will eliminate a good number of water views and is not respectful of the essence of our town.
I am certain the SSA can decrease the scale of the building to be more considerate of our town and find a workable solution that will be acceptable to all parties.

B.F., Harvard, MA

Comment: This structure doesn’t fit Cape Cod architecture. Please consider something smaller and more appropriate.

E.W., WH
Comment: I’ve spent most of my life in Woods Hole, and so has my family. This poor town has already been taken over by monied interests and bad architecture that has nothing to do with its environment. The design of your new building is huge, ugly, and resembles an airport terminal. Cut it back, and stick to the original bulk–just make it more efficient!

J.G., WH

Comment: Where is the humility in your design that is commensurate with VH OB etc… Scale, placement and viewshed is everything when imposing long term physical change like this new building. If you are using stone as a matter of resilience think CANDLE HOUSE, like MBL did with the Marine Resource Center.

J.W., WH

Comment: Aim for a small, New England building with double-hung six-over-six sashes and red-cedar shingles. That would be appropriate for Woods Hole.

E.H., West Tisbury

Comment: This building is unsustainable. Not only is it too big, the lack of solar panels on the roof is inexcusable. There is no need for extensive office and training space on the waterfront. You just built a huge administrative building at Palmer Ave., please move the functions that are not related to the actual operating needs to a more appropriate location.

J.H., OB

Comment: Too big, too ugly. Use current ticket office. If it floats away because it doesn’r meet current flood plan, so what. Replace it. The last ticket office was over 50 years old never floated away. The WH footprint should be no larger than VH. Save millons. Why is the new ticket office required???

E.K., WH

Comment: For the welfare of the Commonwealth, please take into consideration our heartfelt request.

S.K., WH

Comment: Please act as if we are all working together to preserve community here and on the Vineyard. Please listen to us. The mandate does not include big buildings just ferry boats. Thank you.

K.O., WH

Comment: Please stop blocking the “Hole” of Woods Hole. Your intended design for the SSA building is WAY too large and does not fit in with our beloved town of Woods Hole. Keep the height down, and views preserved!

D.K., WH

Comment: I grew up in Woods Hole and believe one of its charms is its simplicity and its spectacular views. This monstrosity is better suited to for the Rocky Mountains, not a Cape Cod village. Such a large facility is definitely not needed and no office and meeting rooms, you have Falmouth facility for that. Also blocking the view of the Hole as one enters Woods Hole would be a travesty.
Be considerate of those who visit and live here. Be modest and intelligent. We only need what we need, which is very little.

T.E., East Falmouth

Comment: Out of character for this village. Appropriate terminal designs are located at your other ports. Future operations should include use of new technologies. Facility support services should be located at auxiliary building, in design stage, at the site.

N.M., WH

Comment: The proposed building is too high. It is not energy efficient. It will soon become redundant with respect to purchasing tickets on site.

F.C., Edgartown

Comment: Why does employee parking need to be at this location?
AND, the customers take the bus?
Why is Room required upstairs for training? Was this need not addressed when the new building at Palmer was conceived? Thought there was a new “conference” room that could be made available.
Is there a “public” document of what was required of the architects? A “NEEDS” assessment?
Today’s advanced use of available technology is requiring significantly less space for operational needs.
Hard to believe that this “structure” Trumps the ability to make a reservation online?

B.S., WH

Comment: I strongly object to this totally inappropriate building in the center of Woods Hole. Your current temporary structure is the correct size and quite nice. Why not leave it and just put your new building in the parking lot in Falmouth?

S.F., WH

Comment: Against what it professes, the Steamship Authority, once again, is not taking into consideration our community concerns. The overall size of the building and the second floor, blocking the beautiful views of the ocean is not necessary or can be placed elsewhere, and, the glass is not practical-will drive up heating costs and ultimately ticket prices (has anyone thought of our nor’easters, blizzards and hurricanes with all that glass?).Once again, we hope beyond hope that the Steamship Authority will “hear” our community concerns and take our suggestions seriously.

S.C., WH

Comment: The height proposed for this otherwise beautiful building is an insult to our community!

A.N., WH

Comment: The design and size of this building is not in keeping with the general village housing. We have a mix of laboratory buildings, research buildings and single family often with extra rooms to share with students. At least make the building a little more like what you put in Vineyard Haven. Please do not ruin our village more than you have already.

J.G., WH
Comment: I sign this petition with sound mind, heart and spirit.

R.E., WH

Comment: Like many in Woods Hole and those traveling to the Vineyard, I (and my family) has grown up with the view of the Hole as we enter into town. Blocking that view removes an iconic vista for which SSA will be held responsible for generations. Further, the stone facing on the overlarge building looks more like the Pennsylvania welcome building on I 90 than any structure in a Cape Cod fishing village. Given people live and travel to the Cape for the beauty, more sensitivity to aesthetic needs of the residents and travelers is critically important.

D.K., WH

Comment: The Steamship Authority’s disregard for common sense urban planning is reminiscent of the very worst urban renewal projects of the 60’s and 70’s.

M.D., WH

Comment: The proposed structure is too large and out of character for Woods Hole village.

J.T., WH

Comment: The proposed structure seems larger than is needed, and larger than is appropriate for its site.

D.B., WH

Comment: Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs terminals are representative of Cape Cod, warm and inviting….The proposed Woods Hole terminal is not warm and inviting!. Travelers using your boats come for the Cape Cod experience, not Aspen or Vail. It is a shame that the view of the water and islands has to be obliterated by a building full of wasted space….

N.W., WH

Comment: Please keep building to one story. Do not block view. Thank you.

M.B., WH

Comment: It the building is set back about 50 or 100 feet, the view will no longer be restricted AND the building will be less threatened by the continuing sea rise.

M.D., Chilmark

Comment: We need to be creative in design and address
the concerns of Woods Hole residents.

W.R., WH

Comment: Please do not spoil our village.

G.F., WH

Comment: The views expressed in the petition accurately express my feelings. I would only add that the proposed building is quite beautiful but not as beautiful as the view it obstructs! People are here to see the ocean not to hang out in a Vale CO ski chalet!

F.R., WH

Comment: My family has been in Woods Hole since the 1920s. I am strongly against the plans for the building as they presently stand, for the reasons stated in this petition.

M.M., WH

Comment: This new terminal building maybe good for the steamship authority, but it is completely over built and wrong for the village of WH and the town of Falmouth. Please do not turn this village into a port authority for the islands. People live and work here, it is not simply a lifeline to the Vineyard.

D.P, Falmouth

Comment: Completely out of keeping with the community and the potential of increasing traffic beyond capacity.
Need to listen to residents who live in and are a critical part of the community.

G.W., WH

Comment: Too high!

B.J., WH

Comment: As I suggested during the meeting at the Falmouth Public Library last week:
The support functions for the crews of the ferries, etc., should be housed in a new building to the east where the battery building is located, thereby reducing the square footage of the terminal itself by at least 25%. If parking spaces for staff/crew are lost, those personnel could be shuttled from the Palmer Ave. lot.
The public toilet areas can be turned 90 degrees and the two administrative offices planned for the second floor can be located along the east side of the first floor.
The mechanical/electrical, etc., functions on the second floor should be lined up under/along the ridge of the building. If there is any leftover space, all or part of the main ticketing area could have a high ceiling following the roof line.
The above changes would reduce the terminal to one level, greatly reducing the height, and obviating the “saltbox” design.

R.G., Falmouth

Comment: You should build more in line with what has been done in Vineyard Haven.

S.S., WH

Comment: Needs a redesign! Needs to add to the village and the uniqueness of Woods Hole. Views are important to maintaining that.

L.R., South Dartmouth

Comment: As a former Woods Hole resident of nearly a quarter of a century, I still frequently visit family members, friends, and colleagues in Woods Hole and I whole-heartedly agree with this petition.

R.B., South Dartmouth

Comment: I lived and worked in Woods Hole for thirteen years. I strongly agree with this petition. I suspect that the Steamship Authority could move many of their employee’s work spaces a location other than Woods Hole which could eliminate any floors of the proposed building above the first floor. If a second floor is built I feel it should have no seaward-facing windows so that the Steamship Authority employees would be equally unable to see the vista that would be taken away from the visitors and residents of Woods Hole.

P.C., Falmouth

Please read comment B.J. of WH. Comment is excellent.

R.C., East Falmouth

Comment: My late father was Robert Canha, who worked for the SSA for 47 years. I do not believe he would be pleased with this design, either. This is too tall, too big and destroys the character of Woods Hole. I can’t believe this design made it to this stage. Something more in keeping with what was built in Vineyard Haven would be better.

M.H., Falmouth

Comment: If the lost water views are accurate, it is indeed sad! Have the public, residents and business community of Woods Hole been fully informed about this issue? One would assume they have…

K.L., WH

Comment: The scale of the building is much too large and way too high. I don’t mind the design so much as the size.

E.F., Encinitas

Comment: please do not block our view of “the hole” .
We live in such a beautiful place do not create an eyesore.

A.W., Chilmark

Comment: Please build a reasonable building. This current plan is terrible. Please redo it.

J.W., WH

Comment: NIMBYism generally sits uneasily with me, and I realize that a great deal of thought and planning has gone into the design of the new Woods Hole terminal complex. However, this enormous building with its cathedral ceiling and ski-lodge appearance removes the residents’ cherished view of our namesake water passage in favor of your constituents — islanders and tourists. I do have a hard time squaring this with the viability of our village as a cohesive community. It reinforces the role of Woods Hole as the doormat for SSA and islanders, and in doing so, furthers the degradation of our society into competing factions based on power and money. I feel it is overly ostentatious, and could achieve its purpose with more compact architecture and likely a lot less money.

G.O., WH

Comment: There is no room for another multi story monstrosity in Woods Hole.

P.T., WH

Comment: This proposal is completely out of scale with the rest of Woods Hole. Is it anything more than a monument to the egos of the SSA management?

N.S., WH

Comment: Such a large, 2-story terminal is completely unnecessary for ticketing and rest rooms. None of the terminals on the islands are that big nor do they destroy anyone’s view. Once again, the residents of Woods Hole are being trampled by the SSA. This includes a substantial reduction in the value of our property, a taking without compensation.

R.P., WH

Comment: Eyesore. This is Cape Cod, why the hideous design?

P.R., WH

Comment: How about designing a nice one-story building instead of a nice two-story building. Another nice small building could be placed in or near the employee parking area for the employees.

T.N., Needham

Comment: As a part time resident of Woods Hole, one of the attractions of the town is its beauty, especially the water views. A Steamship Authority structure that is too high will take away from the attraction of the town. I know, for many, Woods Hole is a pass through village, but for those who live there it is home. As someone who is considering retiring there I would hope that the Steamship Authority would do everything it could to make sure of a good neighbor relationship with the village. Please consider a re-design of the terminal building that would work for the citizens of the village of Woods Hole. Thank you.

J.P., WH

Comment: This proposed building is nothing more than an invasion of our privacy and an affront to the unique landscape of Woods Hole. The steamship authority has already destroyed much of the existing seascape. Furthermore, the building is unnecessary.

B.G., Edgartown

Comment: This proposed building does not reflect the feel of the surrounding communities. It will look out of place. Please be considerate of the people who live in Woods Hole and rethink this design. Thank you for your consideration.

S.H., Falmouth

Comment: As I emphasized at meetings in the initial design phase, please keep the scale of the building to Vineyard Haven and off the shoreline (flooding a serious reality in not too distant future).

S.W., Falmouth

Comment: Please consider and preserve the beauty of Woods Hole village.

D.W., Quakertown, PA

Comment: I am a summer resident of Woods Hole at Penzance Road and oppose this structure as being totally out of character with the village. A smaller building with more modest design would be a far better fit.

M.S., WH

Comment: Please one level building only.

P.S., W Hyannisport

Comment: We are not competing with anyone so why such a monstrosity ugh. Unnecessary NOT Cape and island friendly. Please, please reconsider.

K.B., VH

Comment: Building can be in a different location or not as tall with so much glass. Dangerous during storms, and the maintenance to keep all that glass clean on the exterior with the close proximity to the salt water is not feasible. Which means it will not always look sparkly clean with clear view. If this was in Los Angeles it would be a different story,

H.O., WH

Comment: The view should have been considered before the design.
Too much Glass. Looks like Ski Chalet not a ferry terminal.
Can it be moved to the SE side of property?

T.M., Falmouth

Comment: The building size and location need to be rethought. As planned, they will destroy a view that should be preserved. We have lost too many views already.

M.G., WH

Comment: The building is too large for the location. I can recall the years when Sam Cahoon’s Fish Market was on the waterfront. The views out over Woods Hole and the harbor were spectacular. The buildings since then have honored this and maintained the water and harbor views. The proposed building would eliminate these views to the detriment of the community. There are other places on the property where many of the staff can be placed.

R.M., Falmouth

Comment: I would like to see a building that is more in line with a “Cape Cod” design, similar to the Martha’s Vineyard offices and a building that does not block the water view.

S.L., Falmouth

Comment: The Steamship Authority’s job is to transport to the islands anyone who wants to go there at minimum cost with adequate safety and comfort. It is not their job to make architectural statements.

T.M., Falmouth

Comment: I hope you can design a terminal building that is more in line with the Vineyard Haven Terminal Building.

K.V., WH

Comment: The depicted structure is an architect’s field day but quite out of character for Woods Hole. It is hard to believe that a 35′ building with expansive glass is necessary or cost effective to operate in our climate. Has there been any discussion of a roof mounted photo voltaic array to supply power to the facility?

A.S., WH

Comment: Please reconsider the design of this building!

A.G., Larchmont NY

Comment: As a resident of Woods Hole back in the summer of 1960 as a teenager, and then returning on and off as an adult, I wish to keep the wonderful memories of the open view of the bay, particularly when sailing boats were racing. I have long time friends that I met in these early days and who are still resident in Woods Hole. Thank you to keep in mind the history of the place.

W.S., WH

Comment: This is just awful. How about treating Woods Hole like the other ports in your system. They all have terminal buildings that fit the community and a building like this would have never made it by the first public meeting.

S.G., WH

Comment: I agree with the other comments. The building will obscure the views of the harbor.

D.K., Pelham

Comment: Try to think about the impact you’re having on the local environment. The ‘temporary’ ticketing office in the parking lot is a much better design and use of space than what is being proposed. Who are we trying to impress?

M.H., West Tisbury

Comment: This building is overkill and should have a Cape/Island look not a modern Boston look. Also, the cost with extra space, abundant glass are unnecessary. The SSA should be seeking ways to keep expenses in line.

B.W., WH

Comment: Don’t spoil our village with an unnecessary big building, cutting off views of the water and ferries.

D.B., West Tisbury

Comment: Please reduce the size and especially the height, and make it sustainable. Glass may look pretty, but how practical is it on the waterfront? Have the architects been at 1 Cowdry Rd. during a nor’easter?

R.H., East Bridgewater

Comment: The Woods Hole village water views will be lost as a result of the proposed Steamship Authority Woods Hole terminal building. I do not think this is a good plan. The 2-story design would be 41′ above current ground level.

J.B., OB

Comment: The building is the gateway to the Island and the welcoming Falmouth community. The size, scale, massing, choice of building materials and architectural style poorly reflects the character of the SSA host communities.

A.S., Concord

Comment: too big, not appropriate for the site. please consider something more modest (and probably cheaper!).
Thanks for listening!

C.S., West Boylston

Comment: Shame, unbelievable waste of money on an ugly building that does [not] belong in Woods Hole!


As an MV native, I’ve been coming in and out of Woods Hole all my life. I have a deep affection for the town. The proposed building there is too big and sleek. It doesn’t fit the tenor of Woods Hole at all, and I hate the idea of cutting off residents’ water views. Scrapping these plans and redrawing them is an expensive proposition, but it’s important to get this right.

E.C., Edgartown

Comment: Use the Hyannis and Vineyard Haven terminals as a model for Woods Hole. The proposed terminal is a very nice looking building but it is not a good fit for Woods Hole.

C.C., Edgartown

Comment: If the red line rendering of the building that shows it obstructing the view is accurate, the SSA should be ashamed of themselves. What was the purpose of the monstrous building they built at the Palmer Avenue lot if they need this much space at the terminal?? And why no solar panels?

D.G., WH

Comment: The WH terminal structure is out of sync with the atmosphere and architecture of WH village. In addition, the height of the building blocks the natural beauty of Cape Cod and the Islands. The terminals on MV and Nantucket are more appropriate in scope and height. It is ironic to me that the temporary building fits well with the existing landscape but is slated for removal while the “upgrade” is an out of proportion addition. Please reconsider this plan and allow the communities who will use the structure to have more input.

E.C., Edgartown

Comment: Use the Hyannis and Vineyard Haven terminals as a model for Woods Hole. The proposed terminal is a very nice looking building but it is not a good fit for Woods Hole.

J.H., West Tisbury

Comment: The current design does not contribute to the beautiful surroundings and quaint Cape Cod architecture that tourists and residents enjoy.

J.P., Falmouth

Comment: New building: too big, not necessary, keep it simple, keep Woods Hole a quaint village.

S.B., VH

Comment: The offices and ticketing should be in the shed as you come down the road. Leave the views unobstructed. Smaller is better. Summer folks can handle being cramped for a bit. Year rounders don’t need that much space. Move operations to the Palmer Lot.

J.A., WH

Comment: Our little village is being turned into a Disney Land!!! We don’t want this.
Keep Woods Hole the authentic village it was from the beginning.

G.F., Sciuate

Comment: Please, Please listen to what people are saying. This proposed building is not appropriate at all for a replacement of the ticket office. Not just in Woods Hole, but anywhere.

M.S., VH

Comment: Please take the comments and suggestions about a proposed Woods Hole Steamship Authority building into respectful and serious consideration. Woods Hole has a long history and character as a seaside, maritime, and scientific community loved by many. The proposed building echos none of that. If the SSA is going to occupy a sizable portion of Woods Hole, it should try to do so as thoughtfully as possible.

R.S., OB

Comment: The building should be much more reasonable in size and have a cape and islands design with shingle siding. It makes no sense that WH needs a vastly larger terminal than VH. The SSA should be finding ways to minimize cost, not building a Taj Mahal for ticket sales. Take the savings and put it into the ferries!!

M.T., VH

Comment: An oversize, pretentious building goes against both Woods Hole and Martha’s Vineyard community values.

J.H., Chilmark

Comment: I agree with all of the petition’s stated objections to the building design. As a Vineyard resident, I would further add that the impacts on traffic and quality of life from the continued growth of SSA traffic are deeply concerning. The SSA is overly focused on one part of their mission, the promotion of the Island’s tourist industry, to the detriment of the others. From Section 6 of the 1960 legislation that created the Authority: “the powers granted by this act will be in all respects for the benefit of the people of the commonwealth, for the increase of their commerce and prosperity, and for the improvement of their health and living conditions” MV residents are residents of the Commonwealth too!

C.B., West Tisbury

Comment: Why does the proposed Woods Hole building ignore New England seashore architecture? The Vineyard Haven building is a prime example of architecture that fits perfectly with its surroundings. Please reconsider.

N.B., Irvington

Comment: This building does not fit in as a piece of the town of Woods Hole. As a three season visitor to the area and the Vineyard I hope you reconsider the design.

M.H., West Tisbury

Comment: I agree with the representatives and other community members that this building was not designed with the cape style in mind. The SSA should consider implementing solar panels etc. The use of natural light with windows and other more eco friendly designs can still be done with consideration for the traditional style of the area.

E.B., WH

Comment: The design of the building must be of a scale that fits into the context of Woods Hole Village.

J.G., WH

Comment: As I mentioned in comments at the Hermann Room, the design for the debarkation building has many issues beyond the ‘Aspen out of character look. Humility in design is much in demands these days as communities see McMansionization as an unwanted empty abstraction of what is important to local communities. When Judy Laster asked at the Hermann Room, ‘What are we doing here?’ she was rhetorically asking you if this building design was a fait accompli. It really was a referendum on the steamship authorities’ hamfisted tone-deaf approach to Woods Hole.

R.B., WH

Comment: I attended the meeting at the Falmouth Public Library on 10/11/18 and heard all the presentations. I agree with Senator DeMacedo and Representative Fernandes that the SSA needs to consider the input from the Falmouth Community. A new SSA Building which is smaller, shorter and facing in a different direction would make more sense for the SSA and the Falmouth Community and would still meet the needs of all groups.

H.C., West Falmouth

Comment: Please consider a design similar to Vineyard Haven.

A.R., WH

Comment: The planned buildings are not sized appropriately for their role or the setting where they will be located. And furthermore given the need to increase rates significantly to build this scheme is fiscally unsound.

C.A., VH

Comment: Timing of 33% increase in parking fees as well as fare increases with new construction – coincidence? Not likely.

A.B., WH

Comment: The proposed design is simply too big and alternatives should be looked at.

M.P., Aquinnah

Comment: I agree with all of the comments about the height of this building. I also think we should be thinking about sustainability(why not put solar panels over the auto staging areas, providing shade and energy). Also, I’m worried about the third slip, it’s hard for me to believe the SSA will not increase the number of boats coming to the island. After all, they completely ignored our referendum years ago asking that traffic be kept at 1996 levels. The argument that they must satisfy demand is absurd. We have finite abilities to absorb more cars! The SSA needs to start working with the communities it serves much more closely. We rely upon each other, we need to listen to each other.

J.L., Edgartown

Comment: and also stop the work on slip 3, there are too many cars on MV as it is! keep the limits like they were back in 1995.

C.D., Aquinnah

Comment: Please insist on an attractive building at the appropriate scale. Also, consider the rising sea level and consider locating the building away from the water’s edge.

D.B., Falmouth

Comment: Please reconsider this design. Smaller, more efficient and set in a less conspicuous location.

L.R., Falmouth

Comment: The enormous new SSA building recently constructed in Falmouth should have more than enough space to accommodate the needs now slated for the oversized out of place structure proposed for Woods Hole. Enough: idling trucks and buses, asphalt now covering acres in Falmouth, traffic jams hourly in synch with the boats, trash in the lots, cars speeding down the side streets to avoid the Palmer Ave. traffic jams, and now a plan to destroy the view of Woods Hole passage from the bridge (which is still incredible, in spite of the ferries one has to look beyond). Enough.

K.I., Sarasota/Mashpee

Comment: A lower building with better design incorporation is a must if the scenic grandeur of historic Woods Hole is to be maintained……

W.B., Edgartown

Comment: Please design the new building within the architectural and sustainability of the Woods Hole context.

S.C., Edgartown

Comment: This would never happen on Nantucket and we should insist the same.

A.M., Edgartown

Comment: The current design is out of character with the New England Maritime Heritage of Woods Hole and is a flagrant waste of tax payer dollars. Please redesign and down size.

J.D., OB

Comment: Like the Island Home replacing the Islander, only bigger and uglier… Jumbo-sizing SSA operations is not in line with a sustainable future for our island. The current plan looks to me like a reflection of the puffed up self-importance of SSA brass. Try a little humility for a change!

Put an appropriate sized building designed to blend in off to the side of the lot. Respect the view. Respect the residents of Woods Hole. Respect the residents of MV, (who you seem to have forgotten are in fact your “life-line” not the other way around)…

A.M., Edgartown

Comment: The current design is out of character with the New England Maritime Heritage of Woods Hole and is a flagrant waste of tax payer dollars. Please redesign and down size.

P.T., Woods Hole

Comment: While I applaud the look of the building as well as the idea of better accommodations for travelers,
I object to the positioning where it obstructs harbor views and the very connection to the water. Woods Hole thrives on its intimacy with the water – and the Steamship Authority is a part of that. By moving this structure to another location on the lot, you can preserve that and remain a progressive citizen.

M.M., Edgartown

Comment: NO NO NO !!! on the proposed Woods Hole Terminal design.
Completely inappropriate

Toss it and design something in keeping with the character of this small New England port.

W.C., WH

Comment: Please protect the quality of our village.

A.C., WH/Somerville

Comment: My family has been in Woods Hole in the summers and sometimes year round for generations. We love going to watch the ferry’s come and go, and being able to look out beyond the ferry’s to the Elizabeth Islands and the sounds and harbors. It would be really sad to have this view taken over by a huge, tall building that isn’t necessary. Please make it smaller and shorter, and use the money saved on other things.

M.G., WH

Comment: This building is totally out of scale for WH and
ruins the fine view we have had all these years.

Surely change and updating can be achieved with
more sensitivity for the site.

H.N., VH

Comment: My preference is to not build the new terminal. Use the temporary terminal as the final terminal. The space of the proposed new terminal could be a park -picnic area.

M.G., VH

Comment: I feel this is one more example of the SSA losing site of its mission. Less fancy buildings with more reasonable pricing of tickets and parking would be much more appropriate.

B.A., Bronx, NY and Woods Hole

Comment: Completely unnecessary: way too big, too high, ruinous to the view, and utterly out of character with our town. Hear our voices. Don’t do this to Woods Hole!

K.M., Edgartown

Comment: This is TOO tall a ceiling for an area where its going to have to cool it in the summer and heat it in the winter. In addition its am eye sore and insult to the people of Woodshole as it will permanently block a beautiful view.

A.S., VH

Comment: Time to start listening.

M.M., Tisbury

Comment: Too high. Too close to the waster. What are you people thinking?

J.M., Menemsha

Comment: You will take our beautiful view away and give it to your staff!

E.M., Chilmark

Comment: Terrible plan

S.M., Tisbury

Comment: This current design is inappropriate and out of character for a small New England seaside village. The building should be one story, lay snuggly into the landscape and not be obtrusive or obsrmtructive in any manner.

K.C., Falmouth

Comment: There is absolutely no reason you meed this building! You dont need the one you just built on Palmer Ave. Either! Its too much! Please stop!

S.C., Oak Bluffs

Comment: New building plans too extravagant. Big heating and air conditioning bills will only means increased ticket fees and more money in managements big pockets.

E.O., Edgartown

Comment: Too tall

A., Attleboro

Comment: This is an extravagant waste of taxpayer money as well as an offense to the residents of Woods Hole.

E.C., Dallas

Comment: Please don’t spoil the view of the harbor for waiting passengers or those simply spending time in WH. People come there to get away from views of buildings.

D.M., Encinitas, CA

Comment: Being the lead in simplicity and innovation is much more valuable these days, and in the future, than being the lead in excess. Lead for the future.

T., Weymouth

Comment: It’s not a Cape Cod building looks like a highway rest stop building, how is this fair to neighbors who’ve put up w traffic congestion and pedestrians for years? You’re now going to block their view and leave them out of the process? Sounds selfish. No one needs a large building they aren’t coming to Falmouth for that they’re coming to go MV.

J.C., Chilmark

Comment: Ridiculous!!!!!! And you don’t even use the Ferry as we all do!!

K.M., Bristol, CT

Comment: I have taken the ferry from Woods Hole for 68 years. I know the scene it isn’t the same as when my grandparents, great grandparents & great-great grandparent…, but I would think that a “redesign” would/could bring a little history and a more scenic view for all to enjoy when in Woods Hole!

J.B., Bellmore

Comment: TOOOO high.

T.M., West Tisbury

Comment: Make a lower building!

L.C., West Tisbury

Comment: The “Village” of Woods Hole, does not need a chalet. This design is ostentatious, ugly and a poor fit for the community.

Please rethink the design to something more appropriate for a village.

E.G., Edgartown

Comment: Charm on commercialism?
It’s your legacy. Do the right thing. In fact you’ll save money by going with charm.
How do you want your legacy to read?

J.G., Waltham

Comment: Longtime MV visitor, the building takes away too much water view.

J.K., Mattapoisett

Comment: Too big! And doesn’t come close to fitting in on the Cape and Islands. It looks like a New Hampshire rest area stop, just bigger.

P.D., OB

Comment: Do we really need another huge building like the awful eyesore in the Palmed lot? Please don’t ruin the view and beauty of Woods Hole. It’s already been altered enough.

L.W., OB

Comment: The design looks nice but maybe just a bit lower to make WH residents feel comfortable.

R.B., OB

Comment: Please consider revising the current plans for the SSA building in Woods Hole. It’s impact on the community and feeling of the town is something that can be minimized with a change of scale and height.

K.P., Edgartown

Comment: Please make it more in keeping with the town and with the VH terminal.

J.M., WH

Comment: The proposed building is much to large and high and will obscure the view of the harbor. I smaller and more appropriate building design is required.

C.S., West Boylston

Comment: STOP the ridiculous!

B.C., Burlington, MA

Comment: Architecture very uninteresting & uninspiring. Please come up with a new design more in keeping with the area; preferably something in a shingle style. The Vineyard Haven terminal is good.

N.R., West Tisbury

Comment: The design plan for the new SSA Woods Hole ticket office is grossly oversized, and lacking an architectural style in keeping with the surrounding buildings in the village of Woods Hole. The decision to accept this design is, at best, lacking in any sympathetic thought to the community, if not an out-and-out insult. Also, the absence of solar panels, in this day and age, is irresponsible. A smaller building, more aligned in style with the homes and businesses of Woods Hole, and solar energy, will both greatly reduce the cost of building and supporting a new ticket office. Please go back to the drawing board and start over. This design just doesn’t work. Thank you.

J.H., WH

Comment: Please respect the beauty of woods hole in the construction of the new Steamship Authority building. Thank you.

S.W., Edgartown

Comment: We request a new design that will be lower in height and more traditional in design!

J.C., Edgartown

Comment: Greed over historic landscape.

E.V., West Tisbury

Comment: Proposed design is not in character with the town of Woods Hole and should be revised.

S.S., Falmouth

Comment: This proposed building is massively unsuitable for the site. The only thing not surprising is the SSA’s complete disregard for the citizens of Falmouth and Woods Hole. Deja vu all over again… Time to break out the Question Authority T-shirts.

P.L., Falmouth

Comment: Enough of the SSA diminishing the beauty of Falmouth vistas!

N.L., WH
Comment: It’s important to take the time to get this figured out!

R.G., Falmouth

Comment: Too big, too ugly!!

B.B., Falmouth

Comment: Please re-think your building. It is too large, too high and does not fit with the local architecture. It blocks the view. It will be a major disruption to the town for a long time.

W.S., WH

Comment: Entire renovation is over ambitious from the start. A deaf ear to community concerns about building height is the long tail of multiple community concerns.

A.E., WH

Comment: The buildings at other SSA ports are more in keeping with the architecture in the villages they are in. That’s what we in Woods Hole and others would like. The proposed building would be fine in some places, but it is not something that would work in this situation. Please, please reconsider!

J.L., WH

Comment: Other new building designs in Falmouth have been improved remarkably after integrating community input. Please reconsider.

W.R., Falmouth

Comment: Bigger is not better.

A.W., WH

Comment: SSA, it’s too much. Take your expanding business to New Bedford, a city that wants it, needs it, and has room for it.

D.S., N. Falmouth

Comment: Totally unsuitable, we are not constructing a new concourse for Logan in the village I hope. Remember to keep the focus on not burying Woods Hole and providing adequate staging areas and relief from traffic with a additional port for freight from New Bedford. Yes I grew in Woods Hole.

J.A., OB

Comment: Please redesign this building so that it keeps the flavor of the past even with giving it more modern conveniences. Why would you want a building that most of the Woods Hole community as well as the Vineyard community is against? Please listen to the concerns. There are definitely architects who understand the people who choose to live in these unique places and can create a space that everyone can be proud of, not resent and have negative feelings about. The Steamship Authority needs friends. We are your customers. The ferries are a way of life for Islanders. Please include us in the decision-making. It will make a huge difference to all of us.

D.B., Falmouth

Comment: This design needs a lower profile…what’s wrong w/MV style, in keeping w/traditional Cape architecture???


Comment: Present design not compatible with Woods Hole architecture. Please reduce size & revise building a la Vineyard Haven Facility.


Comment: This type of building is not appropriate to SSA/town of Woods Hole nor town of Falmouth! It’s absurd to put something like this up in such a quaint area. Seriously needs to be reconsidered on a different structure. Come on people WE DON’T NEED THIS EYESORE!!
Paulette Silva-souza, daily commuter, residing in W. Yarmouth, born and raised on MV! please reconsider. What other structures were in the running is what I’d like to know/see?

B.W., Mashpee

Comment: Commuter Mon-Fri, live in Mashpee but work in Aquinnah, Ma for the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head Aquinnah! Kutâputush (Thank You) -Moskwetah “Bear Heart” Mashpee Wampanoag

J.P., Mashpee

Comment: Why is such a large building needed. Wasn’t there just a building done at Palmer Ave for the executive offices to get them out of WH! Shouldn’t need a bigger building, but, smaller.

W.T., Fall River

Comment: Horrible design!!!!

T.I., Boston

Comment: Please kindly reconsider the scale being proposed! Thank you.


Comment: As an MV native, I’ve been coming in and out of Woods Hole all my life. I have a deep affection for the town.
The proposed building there is too big and sleek. It doesn’t fit the tenor of Woods Hole at all, and I hate the idea of cutting off residents’ water views. Scrapping these plans and redrawing them is an expensive proposition, but it’s important to get this right.

T.F., Falmouth

Comment: Building is too large.

C.H., WH

Comment: This building is too tall and obscures an iconic view. This is important to your guests as well as your neighbors. The design does not fit with the surrounding neighborhood. Please reconsider and build responsibly.

M.B., Falmouth

Comment: The suggestions for redesigning the terminal so it allows Woods Hole residents and visitors to see the ocean and islands beyond is so much better and thoughtful than what you have planned. Please change it so enable us to see the water that we live on!

D.R., WH

Comment: The design criteria should place a primary importance on not obstructing Woods Hole’s most important aspect: the incredible unique views when walking around the village.

D.M., WH

Comment: Part of Woods Hole’s attraction is its traditional architecture and its lovely water views. Please find a way to preserve these treasures while also meeting the functional needs of the Steamship Authority. I’m sure it’s possible to do both.

S.V., WH

Comment: Please reconsider the design for the new building to reflect the historical New England feeling of our little village, which has already been bastardized to the extreme by the other institutions.  You did it so beautifully on the Vineyard.

E.A., WH

Comment: Please keep car and particularly truck traffic to a minimum.

C.C., E. Falmouth

Comment: The building and landscape plan are very nice … but not for Woods Hole. The scale and design are not a good fit for a small, unique historic village. Is it really necessary to have such a palatial structure to accommodate ticket selling (which will most likely become more digital over the next few years) and waiting for the ferry? I urge the Authority to go back to the drawing board to develop a design that accomplishes what the Steamship Authority really needs with minimum impact on the village’s character and ecology.

R.Z., WH

Comment: The design and sheathing of the proposed building also is not conducive to fitting into its surroundings and should be designed in a way to better fit such as all other Steamship Authority buildings at its ports on the Cape and Islands. Thank you.

M.A., WH

Comment: Please reconsider the size of this building. The beauty of our village, and its water views are worth preserving. We are more than a way-station for travelers.

J.A., WH

Comment: In this significant terminal project, please focus on ways to lessen the impact on our small village. That should be a paramount consideration in all decisions relating to “improvements.” Blocking the view of the water is poor design. Thank you.

D.R., WH

Comment: The proposed structure is too large, and not in keeping with the character of the village of Woods Hole. Many of the functions it is to provide can and should be done elsewhere, or online.

E.B., WH

Comment: Our village of Woods Hole has maintained the beauty of a traditional New England waterfront town for many decades. The combination of beauty and function is what has enabled WHOI and MBL to develop wisely within the village. The Steamship Authority should also be sensitive to achieving both objectives with the new terminal. The current two story design is not acceptable to me as a village resident. An alternative approach should be prepared that does not loom large over that corner of the village.

K.C., WH

Comment: I wasn’t a fan of the “temporary” building but in hindsight it seems to work. Other offices if needed should go up to Palmer Ave. how much space is needed?

A.H., Falmouth

Comment: The terminal design reflects the worst of the institutional buildings imposed on Woods Hole village. The Library, Challenger House, WCAI, Candle House and the WH Market represent the style and scale of the village. Don’t erect that building. There can be a better solution.

J.B., WH

Comment: Please consider the Woods Hole residents. Thank you.

D.H., Falmouth

Comment: We need less cars and development… not more!

A.B., WH

Comment: Please keep it low and small so that the beautiful view can be enjoyed from all vantage points. The newer ferries themselves are so much taller, please address that recent change by keeping the building low.

E.E., Falmouth

Comment: I agree with the petition entirely. And, in respect to the massive impact the Authority is having on Falmouth generally, I am concerned that the Authority is not moving more quickly to move freight traffic to New Bedford, which would fulfill the mission of the Authority where new building and infrastructure, as well as human resources are eagerly sought.


Comment: Build it in New Bedford.

N.G., WH

Comment: Building is out of scale for what is needed and appropriate. No reason for 2nd clerestory where the windows have the best view of Woods Hole passage and not the community. We need a humbler, more right-sized building for ticketing, much of which is done on line. Very much oppose this design. Move employees to Locust Street.

T.B., Chilmark

Comment: Do the right thing.

R.T., West Tisbury

Comment: The current proposal is inappropriate for its site, inconsistent with the local style, and inefficient. Please reconsider and design something that does justice to this unique place.

R.M., Falmouth

Comment: This building is much too large for this location there is no need for a new building the ticket office is perfect where it sits. They don’t need more space they put up a huge building on Palmer Ave for all the offices so therefore there only selling tickets in WH. I am a truck driver and I’m in woods hole sometimes twice a day and that ticket office works great.

S.H., Falmouth

Comment: Please do not let this monstrous building ruin the character and charm of our town.
Visitors come and go, we have to live with this every day. Thank you.

R.J., WH

Comment: Sirs:
Thank you for listening and trying to make the largest number of residents happy over making just a few content. So in terms of architecture, it is a stunning building but the size and location just don’t work in Woods Hole. Taking the view of Woods Hole FROM Woods Hole is a bad legacy.
One option would be to break up the parts – the bathrooms in the bike park, the employee bathrooms, lockers and meeting room in/by/over the employee parking lot. This would enable you to create a significantly smaller profile ticket office – and give you more room to work with cars and trucks.
If you were to consider having the employees park in the Falmouth parking lot and take your bus to the ferry, you would gain a lot of prime real estate on which you could build.  There are solutions – it’s just about finding them.

M.F., WH

Comment: It was my understanding that the administration building in Falmouth on Palmer Avenue was for the purpose of moving some of the offices and would preclude a need for a larger terminal on the dock. For years any input from the community to the SSA seems to fall on deaf ears. It’s getting a little old being treated as “Oh,those cranky Woods Holers”. Really? Try to imagine this same building in Vineyard Haven or Nantucket. Not a chance.

T.F., WH

Comment: As a 20 year member of the Woods Hole Steamship Parking Lot Committee I represented the Falmouth selectmen. We acquired 18 parking spaces for the village but now they have been taken away. It is totally incorrect for the SSA to say they need to block the view of Woods Hole Passage. Shouldn’t they spend this 60 million dollars improving the terminal and making it an asset for our community as well as the islands? Why would any organization try to take away a 400-year-old view?

R.J., WH

Comment: Too big
Too noisy
Why not expand New Bedford for trucks?

E.E., Boston and Vineyard Haven

Comment: Small is so much more beautiful. And energy efficient. More is less. Less is more. Think again!

P.S., Cohasset

Comment: Martha’s Vineyard does not need one more car on the island. You are here to serve the island’s residents in coming and going. You are not here to market growth or help create more car traffic on the island.

D.F., West Tisbury

Comment: Beyond the problems that this expansion generates in Falmouth, I am centrally concerned about the impact of increasing numbers of vehicles and visitors to Martha’s Vineyard. The SSA should not be promoting an expansion of tourism and vehicular use on the Island. Rather, it should be addressing the true needs of Island residents, local communities on the Island and off, and the people and businesses that service these communities.

M.J., West Tisbury

Comment: I addition to the large footprint, inefficiency and of the SSA building proposal, I feel that the 3rd slip and more ferry traffic going to Martha’s Vineyard will increase traffic to the vineyard so much that it will result in too much traffic on Martha’s Vineyard, which will lower the positive impact of all visitors and residents there.

S.B., West Tisbury

Comment: There is a disturbing lack of green space and plants. It will he horrendously hot in the summer with all of that pavement and windy and cold in the winter. Consider habitat swaths for birds, pollinators, and insects using native plants.

K.B., OB

Comment: The design is contrary to the location of Woods Hole. Please have something more akin to the area. Thank you.

C.L., Edgartown

Comment: I am very concerned that the SSA plans to bring more traffic to the Vineyard, which is already greatly impacted in the summer months.

P.S., Tiverton RI

Comment: While I am not a resident of Massachusetts when I first saw these plans my initial thought was my God how hideous.

H.S., Oak Bluffs

Comment: Please reconsider.

S.K., Falmouth

Comment: Egads…what are you thinking????? What are you doing to the quant village of Woods Hole????? Who is your architect, who approved this??? Shame on you for trying to push this thru…only thing worse is including a pot shop in the building!!!!!!!

C.W., Woods Hole

Comment: The design simply does not fit in with the village’s style. The proposed building is unnecessarily large for the main purpose of its existence – as a ticket office and waiting room.

G.L., Falmouth

Comment: I just returned from spending a glorious day in Vineyard Haven today. Upon getting off the ferry in Vineyard Haven the sight of the terminal there was so quaint, cozy and welcoming and was decorated beautifully with greenery and white lights for the holiday season. This terminal fits in with the surroundings and just feels good.
The pictures of the intended terminal in Woods Hole does not depict the surrounding beauty of Woods Hole and in my opinion, does not fit into the quaintness of Woods Hole. Why do we need something so big and non conforming to the surroundings in Woods Hole? When our visitors come to Woods Hole to get to Martha’s Vineyard they do not want to see a building that looks like a ski lodge in Colorado. Please reconsider the plans you have for the new terminal in Woods Hole.

A.R., North Falmouth

Comment: I am opposed to the proposed plan for the new Woods Hole terminal. It does not blend in to the setting of the surrounding area. As well as impede the water view. Please seek out plans for a building similar to terminals located on the Vineyard that have a traditional Cape Cod look.

J.C., Falmouth

Comment: Please respect the thoughtful comments of the petitioners. The proposed terminal is poorly placed and unnecessarily large for the purpose intended.


Comment: Please consider other locations.

Name: S.C., Oak Bluffs

Comment: They are not listening!!!

C.L., West Tisbury

Comment: Try not to screw up everything that you guys touch… Based on your track record your decisions in the past have not proved extremely beneficial to the islanders you claim to be a lifeline for…. let’s not screw it up for the locals in Woods Hole either… Go back to the drawing board . The size is ridiculous. No need for this.. Stop wasting our money on your stupid ideas… get local people involved, islanders and Woods Hole locals… start helping us instead of always hurting us. I still believe Marc Hanover does not have the island interests at the top of his priorities…. the island needs a better island rep!

Kim, Vineyard Haven

Comment: Part of the beauty and excitement of driving down to the Woods Hole terminal is seeing the view of the water and the harbor. This proposed building blocks this from so many approaches. It is not ok! Also while waiting in line for extended periods of time, it is peaceful and relaxing to view the water while waiting
The building should be set back and smaller. There is no need for a grandiose waterfront building.

C.B., West Tisbury

Comment: Please consider using the space – or even using the building – where the “temporary” building is now located. It does not block views and serves the needed purpose. Other offices, as mentioned, can be in other locations, like the upper parking. Make the waterfront a showpiece park space, not the location of a large building.

M.A., Somerville

Comment: Less is more! There is no need for a building this big in tiny Woods Hole. Ridiculous!! Please chose a building design that reflects the surroundings and character of where is being build and also the size of the community it is going into!

J.L., WH

Comment: The terminal proposed by the Steamship Authority is the antithesis of a design that takes into account the community in which it will be built. By now, the Authority has heard the objections of many people who live in Woods Hole/Falmouth and Martha’s Vineyard. The residents and our legislative representatives have requested that the Steamship revise the proposed design to address the many concerns put forth at the community meetings. As an impacted community it is crucial for the Steamship to respond to our concerns in a manner that accounts for this input and to come back to us with a better design. In recent statements for Steamship representatives, we were given assurances that this would happen, however, the revision put forth recently does not comply. This proposed building is not essential for the Authority to function. Through recent growth in Falmouth and beyond, most of the functionality of this new building can take place off-site and whatever need it will service can be met many other way. As a non-essential structure, it is incumbent for the Steamship to design a proposal that puts community first. Unfortunately, this new design, like the prior design does not do that. Please go back to the drawing table and select a different architect. Open the process up through a new bid and engage the community along the way at the design stage. Do this right so that there is no lasting harm to Woods Hole.

T.H., WH

Comment: Talk about messing up the view……….have you no respect at all for the residents of Woods Hole?

S.S., WH

Comment: The elevations show a building that doesn’t fit in the village of Woods Hole and are deceptive of the view from the bridge. This building looks like a ski lodge and not a building that fits with the style the town has worked so hard to preserve. This building needs to be redesigned in a different style and with a lower profile

N.S., WH

Comment: The SSA should take a lesson from the Coast Guard, who made a considerable effort to accommodate their neighbors and address our concerns. They modified the original design substantially to keep their new buildings consistent with local architecture in scale and style. WH residents have repeatedly tried to be reasonable and work with the SSA for a mutually acceptable solution, but we have been ignored and abused as the SSA does whatever it wants no matter what we say or do. There is absolutely no need for the proposed building, and all the impracticalities of the design have already been mentioned as has the fact that in destroying the view and increasing the traffic they are diminishing the quality of life in the village and the value of our property without compensation. It is unconscionable.

A.M., Sharon MA

Comment: Summer resident, of many years with many kin in WH. This design is truly out of keeping with the spirit and scale of the rest of the village. Re-think it.

S.G.. North Falmouth

Comment: Too big. Poorly planned. Back to the drawing board with consideration of the locale this time!

W.S., WH

Comment: I hosted the Coast Guard leaders and their architects on our deck, to see what we were talking about with their project. They understood, and responded directly and honorably, and with constant communication from Commander Rick Schultz, they have followed through on their promises. What we have had from the SSA is a series of hearings, followed by no such visits, no change to the early truck schedules, and now, a proposed unneeded building blocking the view of the actual “Woods Hole” as one comes into town. Unneeded, as they professed to be moving things to the Falmouth lot–they do not need “training facilities” on the unnecessary second floor, of their unnecessary new building. Nobody has come to visit us (unlike the Coast Guard), and likely will not–they just do not care. That is not “neighborly friendly.” I love the folks in the shed at the bottom of our street, Cowdry Road–they do their best. But until the SSA wakes up to its effect on our village, nothing else matters. And when I go to those wonderful folks in the shed to complain about yet another invasion to our neighborhood, they actually know who I am; that is nice, but sad. It should not be necessary–nor is the size or location of their proposed new building. When will this stop?!

R.M., WH

Comment: The Authority must take a step back and reflect on the operational problems of the past couple of years. They have blamed the vendors for vessel breakdowns but they selected the (wrong?) vendors.
I would suggest they have selected the wrong architect to design a building for Woods Hole as evidenced by the architect’s portfolio.

G.M., West Tisbury

Comment: It’s absurd that the SSA is being cited in the news for not spending appropriately on vessel maintenance while proposing yet another grandiose structure that is unnecessarily large, out of keeping with the character of the waterfront and unwanted by the local community. We all thought that offices were being moved to a central location in Falmouth, eliminating the need for another architectural monument to a bloated public authority. Other ferry systems elsewhere operate with much more modest infrastructure. Private ferries such as the Block Island ferry or the Orient Point ferry manage quite well without grand waterfront edifices, and their fares are much lower considering the distances run. The Washington State system, has huge loading docks and giant ferries that operate out of relative phone booths, with presumably off-site central offices. I think it’s time for the whole structure of the SSA be carefully re-examined.

R.D., W. Tisbury

Comment: You guys can do better than this!

C.D., W. Tisbury

Comment: No!! Keep Woods Hole beautiful.

A.R., Falmouth

Comment: No way!

A.R., Oak Bluffs

Comment: No. Keep Woods Hole beautiful.

E.C., Woods Hole

Comment: Work with the community from the start.

E.S., Falmouth

Comment: As the Steamship Authority mainly benefits the Islands and really has no positive impact on Falmouth, perhaps the large unseemly building could be located on Martha’s Vineyard?

F.B., Medford

Comment: I see no reason why you need a larger building than the Vineyard has. The current design ruins what was the charm of woods hole in many ways. Please reconsider!

G.H., Falmouth

Comment: This project needs to be scaled back so that the building(s) have a lower profile. There is great harm inflicted on all the community by destroying scenic vistas.

J.G., Falmouth

Comment: A completely oversized structure and out of sync with the rest of this beautiful village. This proposal will destroy the charm of Woods Hole.

J.W., Woods Hole

Comment: The existing temporary building is plenty big and plenty tall, and has served just fine through this construction project to date. The SSA has a huge building in Falmouth, and there is no need for a big building in Woods Hole.

A.E., Falmouth

Comment: No need for this, wrong building, wrong location. Abusive of the village of Woods Hole.

J.R., Woods Hole

Comment: Too big. Wrong style.

J.F., Woods Hole

Comment: I am a summer long-time resident. It would be horrible to unnecessarily overbuild. Less is more in terms of architecture and depots. Please consider how to keep the town feeling of Woods Hole.

K.M., Edgartown

Comment: Catering to the needs of some architect who wants to make a design statement and notch on their belt is not in the best interest of the public. Scale it down!!!

E.D., Oak Blufffs

Comment: SSA needs to get a clue!

A.N., Elmont

Comment: Please re-consider the design of the new office in Woods Hole. The current proposed building is too high, too big and is more suitable for a ski lodge than a seaside ticket office. This design shows absolutely no consideration for the residents of Falmouth, but also the visitors whose first sight when arriving to Woods Hole is a big, ugly building that blocks the water view. Also, why you would use so much glass in such a harsh environment escapes me. Please take another look. You can most certainly do better. Thank you.

L.H., Woods Hole

Comment: The petition makes good sense. I am surprised things got this far.

K.C., Edgartown

Comment: The new proposed building should have been approved by the people it serves. That building is nothing but a “look at me” structure. It destroys the view and does not represent our values.

E.K., Falmouth

Comment: The planned building could easily be sited in a way that does not obstruct historic views from other business locations that are enjoyed by many residents and visitors every year

M.G., E Falmouth

Comment: I’m against everything that’s on Cape Cod and it’s not a cape style! Please reconsider the design and turn it into something that’s more Cape style, thank you


Comment: Yikes, I had no idea that this was the design for the terminal. There is absolutely no need for a large, modern, glass filled building like that in the historic village of Woods Hole.

J.Q., Spicewood

Comment: Having gone to woods hole and Martha’s vineyard many times over the last 50 years I firmly agree with this petition. I believe the proposed building would negatively impact the charm, ambiance and quality of life for the citizens of woods hole and Martha’s vineyard.

W.A., New York City

Comment: I have spent many years in Woods Hole and it would be a pity if the proposed construction altered the town in visual and other fundamental ways. Other potential sites with less negative impact should be intensively explored.

J.D., Woods Hole

Comment: In the modern age, why on earth does the reception area have to hold 300 people?

G.D., Falmouth

Comment: My family has been resident in falmouth for four generations. Woods Hole is a new England gem, with historical character and significance. The comments from other residents of the town and area are correct. The new terminal is nothing short of generic suburbanization of this historic site. Go back to the drawing board. Preserve water views. Reduce the profile. Use design consistent with the town and area. You need not look further than the airplane house, residing on the neighboring bluff to see how architecture can be used beautifully and efficiently. The current plans are nothing short of offensive.

R.G., Cambridge

Comment: I have been visiting and lecturing at the Woods Hole MBL for 50+ years. During this time, I have also rented a house in Woods Hole on Gardiner Road or Juniper Point Peninsula. The proposed new and larger Woods Hole ferry terminal is a grotesque structure obstructing the otherwise lovely view of Great Harbor. Functionally, this new structure serves no purpose not already met by the current ferry terminal building. Given the current inept and unreliable management of the ferries, rather than wasting funds on a new ferry terminal building, a significantly higher priority for The Steamship Authority should involve both the maintenance and operation of the ferries.

D.I., WH

Comment: Please do not create irrevocable damage to this beautiful view.

R.S., Woods Hole

Comment: Keep the terminal small. All you need is area to sell tickets, restrooms and people to get in out of the weather. Storage and offices should go elsewhere.

M.H., Falmouth

Comment: Views are everything on Cape Cod – whether it be Woods Hole or Provincetown. This needs to be re-designed and reconsidered. Tourism is our main source of income on this sandbar. Don’t mess it up.

F.R., Woods Hole

Comment: As an occasional return visitor to a place I spent many young summers in, I like to think this is one place that keeps its character. Please help the community by building buildings that fit in.

The ticket counters are becoming virtually obsolete.

S.E., Woods Hole

Comment: Please do not build that building in our beautiful town!

C.A., Woods Hole

Comment: Please do not alter Woods Hole balance.

P.B., Falmouth

Comment: There’s no reason to block a view when you could enhance it instead.

K.E., Falmouth

Comment: It’s just too big for the space. I don’t live in the village and yet I care that my passing views will be destroyed. It’s not necessary to build so big.

D.W., Falmouth

Comment: Keep the small building that’s already there.

M.M., Falmouth

Comment: Move ALL CARGO to New Bedford/Woods Hole should be strictly people.

D.M., East Falmouth

Comment: It is short sighted to ignore the impact of the construction on the iconic Woods Hole view. We’ll wax nostalgic when all that’s left are old photographs of a wonderful scene that was spoiled by a building project that could have been modified.

T.H., Falmouth

Comment: This building blocks the beauty of the harbor and the Hole. It’s absurd. A second story isn’t necessary and all those windows will make it hard to heat. Put the building in the parking lot where the train station once was.

R.S., Woods Hole

Comment: We want a smaller building.

M.K., Falmouth

Comment: Preserve the history and the views. People before profit.

A.M., Falmouth

Comment: It’s too darned big! Put it in New Bedford where a hulk like this can be accommodated.

M.M., Falmouth

Comment: Please be considerate and think of the people in Woods Hole and Falmouth who actually live there/here!

E.B., WH

Comment: Too big. Unnecessary. Detracts from our town. Keep the temporary building. It’s been working fine. Training does not need to be done in space that blocks water views. Build elsewhere!

C.W., Falmouth

Comment: I request that any new construction by the Steamship Authority include designs that maximize energy efficiency, as per the Massachusetts Stretch Code for Energy, and that incorporate renewable energy, such as solar and wind.

M.K., Woods Hole

Comment: The SSA needs to listen and be responsive to the concerns of our community which bears the burden of
existing SSA operations and will suffer from changes that are made in terms of a taller building and increased car and truck traffic.

R.B., Falmouth

Comment: The number of SPEEDING cars and trucks passing through Falmouth and Woods Hole is dangerous especially at the bike crossing on Palmer Ave/Woods Hole road. The vehicles ( including the steamship buses) barely slow down, never mind stop. As the traffic backs up Woods Hole Road, they cut through my road Mc Callum Drive ignoring out private road and speed limit signs. We pay for the road repairs, not the town. The cars and trucks do not arrive early at the terminal. They are racing to catch the boat, or racing to get out of town. I have heard on many occasions at dunking donuts or any take out in Woods Hole ” I have to catch the boat”
I now live by the ferry schedule and had to ask for the schedule of all the boats ( which is double of the real schedule) I commute out of town most days and plan my trips out of town so I am not either run over by and 18 wheeler or a speeding car or being stuck in the backed up traffic on Palmer ave. I’ve tried going Sippewissett Road, but with GPS the ferry traffic goes that way too. The same applies in the busy seasons coming over the Bourne Bridge and into Falmouth. The out of state vehichles are traveling well over the speed limit to catch the boat as I follow most of them to my street. There was even a story in the Falmouth Enterprise about the speeding Peter Pan bus flying through the stops so someone could ” catch the last boat to MV with the passengers clapping! Passengers should be required to check in 2 hours prior to boarding as you do at an airport. There should be other parking near the Bourne Bridge and transport the passengers on a bus to alleviate the traffic and parking congestion in town. Then maybe there will be less speeders and people might walk around Falmouth and Woods Hole and enjoy the sites from land. There will be plenty of water views on the 45 minute trip. Oh and one more thought! Bring anyone coming from the south through New Bedford!

R.C., Woods Hole

Comment: I liked being able to send anxious people to the past terminal building to use the very well kept up and spacious bathrooms. I never entered the hall when the space was crowded, the lines for tickets were long, people were angry or frustrated by not having a place to sit, wait, find friends. Why do you need so much larger a space? The current ticket office has a pleasant exterior. And I cannot understand at all why there are no solar panels in the design. Anything that is built these days should be required to have solar power, including the very public SSA. Have you asked the people who sell tickets? What kind of space would they prefer? I know the people who drive the buses that take drivers to their cars are proud of the energy efficiency of their vehicles. Your “elevations” are not true to the facts. Please be sure not to fall victim to attempts to trick those whose support you need to do business.

K.O., Woods Hole

Comment: This 2nd design continues to be overblown and alien to the local town and residents. To obstruct the view of “the Hole” is a travesty, and is insulting to the generations who call Woods Hole their home. Talk with the MBL, WHOI, Fisheries, Woods Hole Library, Woods Hole Museum, and the local restaurants, inns and community outlets. They appear to be able to work coherently and cohesively with the historic town.
I do not support your design, and ask that it be 1) smaller, 2) locally relevant, 3) have standards, materials and sense of history that can survive future generations. Be a local player, not a corporate fiend.

J.A.,Oak Bluffs

Comment: For those of us who have used the ferries for many years, it’s unacceptable to build a huge, unnecessary building that will spoil the look and feel of Woods Hole. Surely, there is a design that will still accommodate the needs of the Steamship Authority while keeping the feelings of Islanders and visitors in mind.

K., Edgartown

Comment: There is NO need to build such a huge edifice. Tall ceilings must be heated and cooled as seasons come along. Fire your architect and get someone who understands the local ambiance and the need for solar panelling.Its 2019 for crying sake. Get real!! The proposed disaster is a DINOSAUR! from the minds of people with no hand in current realities.

N.B., Irvington NY

Comment: It should be built in accord with the town buildings and not ultra modern which isn’t at all acceptable!

A.S., Woods Hole

Comment: The [petition] letter makes excellent points. Please consider the scale, the style, the lives of residents and local workers.

K.A., New York, New York

Comment: The steamship authority’s overreaching shareholders cannot be allowed to overtake the needs and happiness of the Woods Hole community and the many visitors who also enjoy the breathtaking natural and cultural beauty of this precious summer center for science. It’s outrageous that it’s even being considered. I have come to Woods Hole for at least a short visit since I was a child– for most of the last 68 years.

J.G., West Tisbury

Comment: Please reconsider a smaller station that allows views to the water and takes into consideration the traffic in the surrounding area and town of Woods Hole.

E.R., Woods Hole

Comment: Spending 14 mil could be better spent at the Palmer Ave site w all the facilities for training, gear stowage, and the alleged “needed” offices.

G.L., Falmouth

Comment: Please consider the size and design of the terminals in Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven when looking into a design for a terminal in Woods Hole. This type of design would fit into the Woods Hole location much better than the larger designs that ruin the view and the quaintness of Woods Hole. The terminals in Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs works well for them, why can’t a terminal designed similar to those work for us? Actually the “temporary terminal” that was built in Woods Hole seems to be a perfect size and seems to accommodate our needs. If you think you need more space for summer crowds, make an addition to the building that is already in place. Offices for employees should be maintained in the new space downtown Falmouth on Palmer Ave. so the size of the building in Woods Hole can be smaller and not obstruct the beautiful view we all love when coming into Woods Hole. Thank you.

C.W., Woods Hole

Comment: Electronic ticketing is a common practice on most other modes of transportation such as planes, trains, ferries and buses etc. If the SSA would provide this service throughout their system (not just the high speed ferry to Nantucket) the need for a grossly over-sized terminal building would be eliminated. Also, enlisting the internet the SSA could easily notify virtual ticket holders of delays and cancellations. Get with the current method of doing business in 2019.

R.A., Woods Hole

Comment: This will be my 50th summer in Woods Hole – with over 30 years as a year round resident. The 4 designs proposed for a SSA terminal here all appear to me to be
unnecessarily extravagant in size, design, positioning, and expense for what my family and I refer to as “The Little Village”.

R.H., Falmouth

Comment: Your three re-designs show that you are not listening to overwhelming opposition to the size and height of the proposed building. Is the Steamship Authority accountable to anyone?

R.G., Cambridge

Comment: As a resident and taxpayer in Massachusetts, I strongly object to the blatantly aggressive manner the Steamship Authority pushed through all of the planning for the Woods hole terminal building and ferry landings, doing so in the absence of adequate community input. This is particularly egregious, given the recent history of Steamship Authority incompetence. Proposed funds for this project should be used instead to hire a competent management team. There exists no acceptable justification for a new Woods Hole Terminal Building.

J.K., Falmouth

Comment: Thanks to folks far and near who have weighed in with constructive suggestions. Throughout this process, we have attended multiple meetings hoping that SSA powers that be could approach their operation as if they and their families lived in our community. They might then be motivated to implement alternatives to an expanding system that sends every car, truck, and bus going to the Vineyard down a two lane road through a residential village. We petition for downsizing rather than ramping up…

J.C., Edgartown

Comment: Enough of cronyism and unqualified leadership!

T.H., Falmouth

Comment: Why would you want to ruin a beautiful view with a big building? You don’t need to sell tickets there any more, we have the internet and vending machines now.
If you must build something – and I don’t understand why you need to, since things seem to be running smoothly right now just as they are – put it out toward the parking lot/bike pass bridge.

B.J., Falmouth

Comment: There is no reason for a high building. Bring commercial freight through New Bedford! That’s logical. Why aren’t WE doing it?

M.S., Falmouth

Comment: Keep Woods Hole a beautiful and quaint town

J.L., Woods Hole

Comment: Please don’t ruin the view.

P.V., North Falmouth

Comment: Please revise the plan, the current one is too big!!

S.S., Woods Hole

Comment: My family has owned property in Woods Hole for the past 75 years. Each year that I return the increase in car, bus and truck traffic is alarming. The additional steamship dock will increase that traffic exponentially and do the village of Woods Hole no good. I am definitely alarmed by the size and design of the passenger terminal and think that much better choices could be made. I am also extremely concerned about the increase in truck and bus traffic coming into town. The town is severely congested as it is, especially on the 3 roads closest to the terminal. I am envisioning life in Woods Hole to become nightmarish during the summer months.

D.H., Woods Hole

Comment: Home-owner and life-long summer resident of Woods Hole.

M.A., Woods Hole

Comment: I beg you to consider the year-round population, and the impact of this large and unnecessary building, which will be a detriment to the beauty and character of the village. We are not a highway for Vineyard traffic. People live here and care about this place. Please remember that the Steamship Authority is part of the community, and should listen to the the community and act in good faith with the community where it resides.

J.G., East Falmouth

Comment: Please listen to the sensibility of this petition. Don’t spoil this beautiful village with a monstrosity.

J.A., Woods Hole

Comment: Please take much greater care of this town’s special beauty and location as you plan this project.

K.S., Edgartown

Comment: A single-story building with automated ticketing machines outside and inside and sufficient, well-kept bathroom facilities is all that is needed. There are plenty of nearby places to buy food.

M.S., Oak Bluffs


H.C., Edgartown

Comment: A monument to architectural stupidity.

B.H., Falmouth

We expect the SSA to start acting like responsible members of Cape and Islands communities.

P.M., Quissett

Comment: Please consider the continued utilization of the current terminal building, which has been adequate, while adding environmentally responsible enhancements. Wasn’t the Palmer Avenue Building supposed to provide meeting rooms and enough space for employee needs?
We need to take great care of our environment. The increase in pollution, noise, speeding trucks, buses, RVs, SUVs, motorcycles and autos have had great impact on our quality of life and also impacts the lives of Vineyarders.
We beg you to join us in reining in the philosophy of rampant expansion that continues to destroy the uniqueness and beauty of Cape Cod and the Islands.

V.J., West Tisbury

Comment: The mandate of the SSA should be to serve the people — carrying passengers, goods and our possessions — not for building edifices. The temporary terminal has worked just fine and takes up little space, while being low and unobtrusive. We need a lean SSA with energy efficient boats and buildings not the bloated architectural (maritime and terrestrial) structures recently built (ferries) or contemplated (Woods Hole Terminal). For a 45 minute ride I don’t need a cruise ship with all the amenities. Keep in mind that the ferries are our rides back and forth on business, for appointments, for medical reasons, for school and for fun, we don’t need a Cunard liner or even a small version of a major terminal like Penn Station. Reconsider, reconfigure, redesign and save money as well as lower the carbon foot print! Thanks!

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